How Water Increases Metabolic Rates and Weight Loss Potential

Water seems to be the miracle substance these days. People give it credit for bringing life forth on the planet. Other people just enjoy drinking it, others like to mess with it and add things to it. These people like to turn water into some kind of crazy multi-colored vitamin drink that looks like something out of an old 90’s game. Regardless how water increases metabolism as to increase weight loss potential isn’t so much of a mystery, unlike what’s in those drinks.

When you drink water your body tends to feel better, that’s because humans are made up of 70 percent water. What you actually thought you were a solid piece of meat? Far from it, there’s water all through your body. After all if you look at all the fluids in your body it’s no wonder you’re over 70 percent water. Yes you have that much liquid in your body.

As you drink more water the efficiency of your internal organs increases. After all more water means better blood flow, and better communication inside of your body. After all the body uses water to do everything. Detoxification, cellular repair, organ operation, and better bowel movements. Water also helps with concentration. As stated the body uses water for everything, the more you drink the better you feel. Not to mention it flushes toxins and other undesirable things out of your system.

Water also helps with weight loss, combined with exercise it can be a great way to lose weight. However drinking to much water can literally kill you if you don’t replace the salt and electrolytes that it flushes out of your system. So drink plenty of water, but eat something salty every now and then. It can be a little hard to remember to do this but you’ll get warning signs from your body if you drink to much water. Mainly you will get a bad head ache, and get nauseous. Keep in mind it takes a lot of water to do this.

Of course don’t let this discourage you from taking care of yourself. Water’s nothing to be afraid of when drunk in normal quantities. Normal quantities for an adult are eight six ounceshark tank fat burner drink glasses a day. That’s a lot of water to be drinking. For fun multiply that by 680 million people and you will have the general drinking water requirements for North America. That’s a lot of water if you hadn’t guessed. But facts, figures, and warnings aside water is good for you.

You can substitute juices, milk, and other liquids for water but nothing is as good as water. When you travel through hot areas remember to keep plenty with you. If you are doing something strenuous remember to drink water to replace the fluids you have lost, and remember to eat something salty to. It will keep you alert, and keep you from passing out. After all nothing is more embarrassing than your neighbor passing out while he’s weed whacking the garden because he didn’t stay hydrated.

The way your body handles water is key to how water increases metabolism as to increase weight loss. If it didn’t handle it like it did things wouldn’t work as they should. When you drink water it gets absorbed like every thing else, but it flushed your kidneys out. Keeping your kidneys flushed and working properly can prevent kidney stones. These little things can be painful, even agonizing depending on their size, some even require surgery. So in a nutshell drink at least four glasses of water a day minimum, anything below that and you are risking your health.