Valentine’s Day – Couples Love Ceremony

Materials: light, heart formed rose quartz, and your beloved delicate instrumental music.

Select your beloved spot in your home where you feel loose and can feel sustained. Faint the lights to get a warm inclination or simply have a couple of candles consuming.


Set your beloved music on and permit the music to focus and ground both of you. Whenever you feel prepared proclaim the accompanying together:

I’m love and light, and together we participate in adoration and light to reinforce reality that we are One.

Candle Lighting

Light your candle.

The lighting of the candle helps us to remember our light inside. Shut your eyes and spotlight on the lovely, solid light that you are. Feel the adoration inside and when you are prepared, express the Couples Prayer.

Couples Prayer

In affection we experience the delights, the harmony, and the adoration that being one brings. We honor our relationship as a devotion to our adoration. As God our Father loves us genuinely, I consent to adore you unequivocally. In relationship we realize who we genuinely are by acknowledgment and absolution. We see past the actual structure to our actual substance of affection. Today we offer gratitude to that affection and together we can share our adoration and grow our adoration to surrounding us. So be it

Rose Quartz Ceremony

The heart formed rose quartz is a token of your affection.

Every individual takes the rose quartz in the sex viet center of your their hand and places the quartz over their heart, shine on pink light encompassing your heart and rehash this petition as a token of genuine love.

We are unadulterated love, we are entire, we see the affection in one another past our actual structure, and we recuperate in adoration and in the Oneness of our genuine self.

Shut your eyes, rehash the supplication however many times as you like and feel the force of these words. Whenever you are prepared open your eyes, gift each other with the rose quartz as an image keeping every others love protected and hallowed.


Switch off your music so it is quiet.

Victory your light

Nancy Miiller
Internal Peace Spiritual Coach, Author, Miracles Coaching, Spiritual Growth Course Facilitator, Reverend, and Co-organizer of Reconnect from Within(R)